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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tower as a Vertical
From: Daniel Hileman <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 09:36:30 +0000
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Hi Everyone,
I have a few questions, yes, it's ME again. I have the opportunity to buy 45' 
of Rohn 20 for 150.00...
First question,will 25G fit 20G?? 
Second,I am thinking about a full size 75m vertical out of difficult 
would that be to do? Could I get a 20' "mast" out of the to make up the 
difference in height needed for a full size radiator?? Or should I get more 
20-25G to do it? CHEAPLY/easily can insulators be purchased for the legs? I've 
noticed that places that make the insulators are PROUD and want more than 
$400.00, and that KILLS the point of building this thing right now to be 
honest.  (DO I EVEN HAVE TO INSULATE IT?? I have a friend who built a NON 
insulated 160m Vertical.) PROS, CONS???
Third Question: Can I  make it multi-banded? Like just use a tuner on 160-10M? 
All your thoughts and experience would be great!! 
Daniel N9WX
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