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[TowerTalk] Securing windowline in the balun

Subject: [TowerTalk] Securing windowline in the balun
From: "Tim Holmes" <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 19:52:53 -0600
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Hi folks:

Ive got a very very effective 30/40/80 dipole fed with window line that i
absolutly love - however one probelm

about every week or so i have to go outside and put the ends of the ladder
line back in the terminals of the balun that is mounted on the outside of
the house -- i tried wrapping them around the binding posts, after tehy went
through the hole - that ended up with the ends broken off from metal
fatigue, i tried stapling the ladder line to the house for mechanical
support -- that wound up with rf in the shack (on the other side of the wall
) bigtime

currently i have the end suspended from the awning over the window by about
2 feet of rope to at least take some of the strain off (the awning is
aluminum)  -- its not that bad of a job to fix it -- just annoying

any input welcome


Tim Holmes
W8TAH - Amateur Extra Operator
Medina County AEC
Skywarn Advanced Storm Spotter Certified
Certified Severe Weather Specialist
StormNet Chase 9

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