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Re: [TowerTalk] antenna sling for tramming

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] antenna sling for tramming
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 23:30:50 EDT
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In a message dated 5/11/2008 6:53:54 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

>   My techniques works OK on a relatively light antenna  like the 40-2CD, 
but I
found the heavier SteppIRs have a tendency to rotate  in the straps i.e., the
boom rotates) When that's happened, I've had to  secure the straps with hose
clamps, but I think this is a bad idea because  hose clamps have sharp edges.
I'd like to find a better way to secure the  straps to the boom.

    Well, the main problem is that the SteppIRs have  the elements above the 
boom which makes them top-heavy and want to turtle or  pitch-pole upsidedown. 
The KLM/M2 has the same problem being top-heavy. Just  about all other 
antennas have the elements below the boom or thru the boom.  

Using hoseclamps is okay. Just check your slings  after using them. I doubt 
any damage will happen. 
    The only way to get around this is to use a  tiller of some sort. It 
attaches to the boom and the other end slides up the  tramline. There are 
discussions in the archives at _www.contesting.com_ ( 

>  Soon I'll be tramming the heaviest antenna I've attempted: a  Cal-AV 
at 17 sq ft wind load and 165 lbs. Needless to say, I'll  wait for a calm
day. But with such a large antenna. I want to make sure the  sling technique
is as sound as possible.

        The weight shouldn't be a  big problem. It's the top-heavy thing that 
you're fighting. BTW you might want  to double-block your haul line for an 
antenna this heavy. That'll cut the haul  weight in half. 
Steve    K7LXC

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