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[TowerTalk] R.E. Matching Sections-Modified Yagi

Subject: [TowerTalk] R.E. Matching Sections-Modified Yagi
From: Nick Pair <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2008 23:09:59 -0700 (PDT)
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If I remember right, when you remove the triagonal reflector and replace it 
with a single one, you must increase the reflector to driver distance. If you 
just placed the new reflector in the holes where the vertical boom the 
triagonal reflectors were, it will be too close. I don't have the dimensions in 
front of me right now, but I think the new location is about 2 3/4 inches past 
the end of the existing boom. Cushcraft abandoned the tri reflector and you 
could use the dimensions from the antenna they replaced it with as a starting 
point for reflector length and position. The T match works well and if 
you adjust the shorting bars on the driver you can dial in quite a range of 
impedance's from the stock 13 or 14 ohms.
The modification of removing the triagonale reflector was done on quite a few 
3219 and 42 18 beams for EME arrays and worked out well. You might check on the 
vhf reflector and find someone with a better memory than I have on the mod.
Good Luck,

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