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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] excavator
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Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 14:31:26 -0400
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Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL wrote:
> David Gilbert wrote:
>> Its from Onion wrote:
>>> For the life of me cannot see why ham folks love square holes, much easer 
>>> to dig round
>>> ones.  
>> What makes you think it is discretionary for the average ham?
>> 1.  Backhoes generally dig square holes.  An auger large enough to dig a 
>> large hole is going to be much larger and more expensive than a backhoe.
> I had a backhoe dig the hole for my new tower.  It wasn't round and it 
> sure wasn't square.  More like womperjawed, I would say.
>> 2.  Rebar cages are easier to build square.  Admittedly a minor point, 
>> but one I'm sure that influences typical engineering practice.
> It didn't keep Heights Towers from building round ones.  All you need is 
> a rebar bender and a form/jig to hold the pieces while you weld or tie 
> them.
The round one only takes a set of 3 rollers to bend the re-rod into a
nice circle. Then weld ends together.  Build concentric circles, wire in
vertical members then weld, add circle sections, weld in cross pieces
and it's done.   Not as easy to do down in the hole and if it's round
and deep that sucker can get heavy to assemble and then lower into the hole.
>> 3.  Engineering drawings from the tower manufacturer almost always call 
>> out square holes.  A building inspector would very likely disapprove a 
>> deviation from square to round.  Yes, you can hire an engineer to 
>> generate new drawings for a round hole, but ...
>> 73,
>> Dave   AB7E
> I'm glad you said "almost always."  See 
> for the exception that may (or 
> may not) prove the rule. 
> Since Virginia's legislature passed our ham tower law, local building 
> inspectors don't even require a permit for a tower, let alone care 
> whether you are digging round or square holes for the base.  When I see 
> all the grief that other folks have in getting permits, variances, etc., 
> it makes this old transplanted Texan happy to live in 
> Virginia....something I never thought I would say.  Just so you folks 
> don't get the idea that this is a laissez faire, libertarian state, I 
> would remind you that it is illegal to use a radar detector in your 
> vehicle in Virginia. :-)
It is in Michigan as well, but one *local* ham beat a ticket for having
one as he claimed to be monitoring harmonics from his UHF transmitter.
A bunch of members from the local ham club turned up at the trial as
witnesses to verify that.  We are now exempt for scanners too.

I understand some states give tickets if your mobile rig can listen on
police frequencies.


Roger (K8RI)
> 73,


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