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[TowerTalk] The Vertical and the Balun

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The Vertical and the Balun
From: Daniel Hileman <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 01:23:13 +0000
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Hi Everyone,
I am here to learn, so I will ask the question. I have been thinking a LOT 
about building a full size 1/4 wave vert for 75m...I am going to go with the 
hygain aluminum mast since I have plenty of room to guy it well. I was 
originally thinking hard about the Zero Five, but it's only 43' and $200.00 
more expensive. It said you could get 160m-10m with a 4:1 balun and radials and 
a tuner. question is, what does the balun do exactly? Can I make the 
65' work on 160-10m well without the balun or should I plan on putting one on 
my 65' vertical as well?? Will it work decent on 160m?? 
Daniel N9WX
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