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[TowerTalk] The Vertical and the Balun

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Subject: [TowerTalk] The Vertical and the Balun
From: "Craig D. Smith" <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 10:35:03 -0600
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What you envision, Daniel, should work quite well on 80 with at most a
minimal matching network at the base.  Most likely you can get by without
any tuning network and have less than a 2:1 SWR on the feedline.  You won't
need a balun.  Of course the more radials the better.  Your antenna should
work better than the Zero Five on 160, but will require a tuning network at
the base.  40 will be quite difficult due to the high impedance at the base.
It will probably perform well on 30 with the proper matching network.  Above
30 meters, as others have pointed out, you won't like the radiation pattern.


If you have room and $$ for two verticals, an ideal solution would be your
design for 80 and 160 and a separate Stepir for 10 thru 40.



                       . Craig  AC0DS




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