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[TowerTalk] A3S 40M mod

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Subject: [TowerTalk] A3S 40M mod
From: "Ed" <>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 20:16:25 -0700
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The modification of an A3 was originally described by Steven Taber, W4ITD,
in the September, 1986 QST, Hints and Kinks section.  I have a copy of that
page plus a detailed description of the modification of an A4.  The
modification involves installing one of the add-ons on the director element
and the other on the reflector element.  The 40 meter feed point is on the
reflector so a relay is required to open the center of the reflector for 40
meter operation.

A couple years ago I bought an A4 that had been modified with two 40 meter
add-on kits from someone near your QTH who was moving out of town.  I
finally put it up late last year and found that it was badly mistuned on 20
and 40 meters - probably due to a bad trap.  Two months later it came down
in a storm so I never had an opportunity to give it a good test.  I haven't
decided whether to rebuild it yet.  It was a huge antenna for my lot size
and tower.

Let me know if you want copies of the articles.

Subject:[TowerTalk] A3S 40M mod
From: Tom Sneden, K6VCR" <>Date: Tue, 13 May 2008 16:18:38
A while back I overheard a conversation about putting 2 of the 40 meter add
on kits on an A3S therefore improving the 40 meter performance.


I already have an A3S with a 40M add on and was just gifted another 40M add
on kit. Does anyone know anything about this modification?


73 de Tom, K6VCR


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