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Re: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft R5 sealing of the traps, What sealant

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft R5 sealing of the traps, What sealant
From: "Jeff Carter" <>
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 16:09:09 -0400
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The very first hit on Google-
is as good an example as any, I guess.

Just at random, to illustrate the point, I put "Rip Wrap 45 pcs" in
the Shopping Cart, and hit Checkout.  The cost was $6.95, and when I
entered my Zip Code, it quoted UPS Ground Shipping at $8.51.  If
you're like me, and in no hurry, you can choose Snail Mail and that
cost $2.84 for this same shipment, a far cry from the $15 that could
buy you something else out of their stock if you just must spend $15

It reminds me of how so many folks on eBay are charging S&H prices
that are way out of line with reality, and it amounts to price
gouging, plain and simple.  The best thing to do, I think, is to
ignore these vendors and make them change their ways or be forced out
of business.

I actually have ordered from these people (Cable Organizer) and was
quite satisfied both at the quality of what I was sent and the fact
that they didn't seem to be thieves like more and more organizations
marketing to hobby-ists seem to be these days.  There is a
conversation in another thread about how folks who are marketing to
hams are dishonest a lot of the time, but I find it's pretty much
across the board.  The reason professionals don't encounter this so
much is because they know the difference in what they're buying, and
even they get tripped up sometimes when trying to save a buck or two.

As the grey-haired guys retire and/or die, much of what they knew dies
with them, and the generations that follow are left to fumble in the
dark and pay $15 or more for shipping 2 or 3 ounces, or other such
travesties that spring from not knowing any better.

I don't want anybody to think that any of this is a personal attack on
those who feel it's their God-given right to spend too much for
nothing.  I am a Veteran of the US Military, and I served proudly to
protect *your* right to do things that make absolutely no sense to me
whatsoever.  I'm just glad to be asked to participate in the
conversation here on TowerTalk.

God bless you all,


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>Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 07:09:58 -0400
>From: Bill Winkis <>
>Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Cushcraft R5 sealing of the traps, What sealant
>To: "Jeff Carter" <>,
>Hey Jeff   ...
>Look at your paper work and tell us the URL of the/your vendor with a
>better $$$$$ deal......I have been buying from these folks and find
>$15.00 not bad for UPS/FedEx.....
>especially when I buy it in length and it comes in a protected
>"Shipping Tube", last time I shipped some prints,  Staples wanted 6
>bucks for the tube...So tell us the name so we can all save a few
>bucks..especially since the gasoline pump is taking all my spare pennies....
>At 07:31 PM 5/19/2008, you wrote:
>At 07:31 PM 5/19/2008, Jeff Carter wrote:
>>Just a friendly warning, but I would *AVOID* that vendor like the
>>plague.  They charge a $15 minimum S/H which is totally ridiculous,
>>especially since anything they sell can be obtained elsewhere and
>>sometimes with *free* shipping.
>>I found good heatshrink deals when refurbishing my R7, it just took a
>>little more looking to be sure I was getting the best deal.
>>I personally am not made of money, but those of you with plenty may
>>feel free to ignore this message and continue to pay too much.

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