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[TowerTalk] U-Bolts for Force 12 and tower

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Subject: [TowerTalk] U-Bolts for Force 12 and tower
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Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 11:16:02 -0500
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Good day gentlemen, 

Quick question... ha-ha. 

The tower is close to completion and I have a used Force 12 XR-5
antenna.  The u-bolts that hold the 10 elements need replacing, they are
rusted pretty bad.  Surrounded by a salt water environment takes it toll
on them.  Would it be worth it for the u-bolts to be replaced with
stainless steel?  Which grade would be 'best'? 
The tower is aluminum and the rotor plate is held in place with u-bolts,
best form of u-bolts here? 
The mast clamping u-bolts on the XR-5 antenna must be stainless steel,
they look really good. (they are not in the photo) 

The one on the left is from one of the elements on the XR5 antenna
(there are two of these), the middle u-bolt is used on each element
other than the one mentioned, the right u-bolt is used to secure the
rotor plate to the tower. 
This is the current state of the u-bolts.  The nuts came off after a
little work. 
Which anti-seize, anti-corrosion paste-liquid etc would assist is
preventing future corrosion? 

D 'Noid' Wilson

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Semper Fi


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