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To: F Mitchell <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Dayton pricing
From: Richards <>
Date: Wed, 21 May 2008 03:13:55 -0400
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I only spent about $500 on many small items.  I did not buy
any big ticket items.

Why go to Dayton and not buy?  Well... I went to meet the
vendors, see the stuff in person, up close and personal, and
to ask questions, make comparisons, and get ideas, and talk
to other guys who have been there and done all this before
I got my ticket.

I also enjoyed my time at YOUR booth, even though I did not
buy one of your products.  I found out which vendors are
personable and which are rude and that often indicates how
they treat customers after a sale.

For example, the Comet Antenna guys really put me off because
they refused to give any sort of intelligent answer about how
their vertical antenna does without radials or a counterpoise
return path.  They just called it "magic" and that we gotta
trust the engineers to have it figured out!

Sheesh.  That is a BIG contrast to how YOU guys treated me
at YOUR booth, and also different from how the GAP guys, and
the BUTTERNUT, and HUSTLER guys treated me at THEIR booths
when asking the same questions.

So why go to Dayton and not buy... because one can learn a
lot about what he will buy later after further deliberation
and product research.

Thanks to your people for getting it right - and to the Comet
guys for blowing it.  Helps me narrow down my future purchase
decisions.  And those purchases will far and away cost more
than the cost of gasoline to get there!  Also my future
consumer satisfaction is worth a bit of investment.

Just MY take.   //  Richards - K8JHR  //

F Mitchell wrote:
> I asked if he didn't come to Dayton to spend some money,
> just why did he come?


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