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Subject: [TowerTalk] tapered tower
From: "Steve Sala" <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2008 13:13:38 -0700
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I have a chance to buy a used Rohn tower which has some tapered sections. 
The first two 10 foot sections are the largest and the 3rd section is tapers 
to a smaller size which makes the 4th and 5th sections the same smaller size 
and the 6th is another tapering section which goes to yet another smaller 
size, say Rohn 20 or 25 with a pointy top.  The sections bolt together with 
4 bolts per leg with the legs having a flat plate which matches the other 
section's flat plate.  Does anyone know the specs on this tower?  I heard it 
was to hold the fiberglass VHF antennas in the old 2-way commercial band? 
It apparently is a standalone tower?

Steve Sala
licensed since July, 1957
Nine Mile Falls, WA 


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