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[TowerTalk] LMR400 vs BuryFlex

Subject: [TowerTalk] LMR400 vs BuryFlex
From: Rudy Bakalov <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 18:44:33 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello all,
  As I am getting closer to having the new tower and antennas go up, questions 
that I have never considered in the past keep on coming up.  One of them is the 
choice of coax.
  As the title suggests, I am trying to decide between LMR400 and BuryFlex.  I 
estimate that I will need a total of 1000' to connect all 4 beams, the phasing 
lines, 2 cables to the shack, etc.  The max distance between an antenna and the 
shack will be less than 300' (or 0.3db loss).
  I like the LMR400 option due to its lower cale loss and cost.  However, I 
don't understand the practical impact of the fact that LMR400 is NOT 
non-contaminating- is there going to be any impact from bundling cables, 
attaching them to the tower legs, etc.?  The cables will go in a PVC conduit 
between the tower and the shack.
  I do recognize the difference in flexibility (and its applicability to 
rotating antennas) and my solution is to have a 10' BuryFlex attached to each 
yagi, followed by whatever length of LMR400. I have to install Polyphaser coax 
in-line protectors anyway and I will install them between the 10' BuryFlex and 
LMR400 sections.
  Any thoughts?  The difference in cost is about $150 at 1000'
  Rudy N2WQ


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