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[TowerTalk] Not directly tower related, FCC to require FREE wireless Bro

Subject: [TowerTalk] Not directly tower related, FCC to require FREE wireless Broadband access.
From: Leif Ericksen <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 13:51:34 -0500
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It seems that the FCC is going to auction off some space around 25MHz
and require the winner build a national wireless network and offer free
wireless access of of it.
Here is a cut and paste from the above link:

The FCC is reportedly considering a plan to auction off more airwaves,
this time with the stipulation that the winner would provide free
broadband Internet access to the whole country. A tall order considering
the winning bidder would be paying for the right to build a national
wireless network and then paying to provide free service to millions of

The airwaves in question are a 25 MHz block, and the commission would
require that at least a portion of the airwaves be set aside for free
Internet access. The winning bidder would have four years to build out
its network to at least 50% of the population and within 10 years would
be required to reach 95% of the United States population.

So far, no part of the commission’s plan explaining how a company would
fund this effort has been reported. Skeptics also have cited that most
major wireless providers have just refreshed their spectrum holdings at
the commission’s most recent auction, or through acquisitions. These
objections, however, do not rule out that some companies would still be

Startup M2Z Networks proposed a similar plan to the FCC last year, only
it wanted the spectrum for free. The company hoped it could pay for the
expense of building the network through advertising dollars and selling
subscriptions for consumers who wanted faster service. M2Z also offered
to pay the U.S. Treasury 5% of its revenue for use of the airwaves.

I can see it now linear amplifiers for 25 MHz so that you have some
power to make your network work!

Leif Ericksen
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