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[TowerTalk] Two antennas on one radial plate

Subject: [TowerTalk] Two antennas on one radial plate
From: Peter Dougherty <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 19:01:10 -0400
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Hi all,

I have an inverted L for topband running off a DX Engineering radial 
plate. The vertical portion of the radiator is offset about 5 feet or 
so from the radial plate. I couldn't place the plate under where the 
wire goes up the tree due to boulders or concrete or something about 
8" under the soil there. What that leaves is the radial plate mounted 
to a short pole in the ground with nothing above it, and just a 
single strand of #14 insulated copper-clad steed radiator a few feet away.

What would likely result if I put up a Butternut HF2V for 40 and 80 
that close to the 160m L? Worth doing or am I just asking for 
problems. It's also about 30 or 40' away from my K9AY loop. Short of 
buying a bigger lot, do I have a hope of making this work or should I 
just stick to what I have now?




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