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[TowerTalk] Pre-Installation Tuning of Cushcraft TEN-3 Yagi

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Pre-Installation Tuning of Cushcraft TEN-3 Yagi
From: "Jason" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jul 2008 17:25:55 -0500
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I am in the process of checking SWR prior to installation of a TEN-3 Yagi (3 
element Yagi for 10 meters).  The Cushcraft documentation states that I should 
temporarily mount the antenna with the boom vertical and reflector atleast one 
foot off the ground on a non-metallic support.

I have it 6 ft. off the ground mounted on a fiberglass ladder (non conductive). 

Using an MFJ-259 SWR Analyzer, I recorded the following data after adjusting 
the match on the driven element:
      Frequency     SWR 
      28.205 3 
      28.346 2.5 
      28.482 2 
      28.549 1.7 
      28.618 1.5 
      28.68 1.2 
      28.828 1 
      28.939 1.2 
      28.979 1.5 
      29.0298 1.7 
      29.076 2 
      29.158 2.5 
      29.227 3 

My goal is to tune this antenna for a resonant frequency of 28.3MHz and I have 
matched the dimensions provided by Cushcraft towards this aim.  I have tried 
extending the dimensions of the driven element by 2" but only moved the 
resonant frequency down to 28.647MHz.  

My question is whether  I should trust the Cushcraft documentation and put it 
up as they have described, assuming that the close proximity to the ground is 
disturbing my measurement.  

Thanks for any help / advice you can provide!

73 de KB5URQ


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