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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tri-Ex WT-51 Electric Winch with Pulldown Mechanismand RMC-1000
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Date: Wed, 9 Jul 2008 16:43:45 -0700
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Last January I had an unfortunate accident that cost over 5K and the attention 
of a hand surgeon here in Phoenix to fix it.....
I was cranking my tower (51') down and, although I thought I could see it all 
OK I could not....the top section hung up on something and the center section 
to come down as I cranked.....the weight did not change because they were 
coming down some point, for some reason, the top section came 
and dropped some 6 or 8 feet....the impact of this tore the winch handle out of 
my hand and it whipped around and broke my thumb, and did a great deal of damage
to the thumb and first finger.....many stitches and pins later the thumb is 
about 50% usable.....and that's the best it is going to get !!
So, my rules have changed....If lowering the tower...I INSIST THAT A SECOND 
ARE COMING DOWN PROPERLY !It is difficult to look up the tower and see if all 
is well....a second person standing a short distance away can see things you 
And I wish I had 100% use of my thumb again not to count the agony of the 
removal of two 1.875 steel pins without any I told the 
doc.....I believe
I broke the nose of the last person that hurt me that bad......Nuff said.....Be 
Careful...................................joel, w7epa
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Mechanismand RMC-1000

  Dan Hearn wrote:
  >   I think it is foolhardy to raise or lower a crankup when you are not
  > watching it and in control of the operation. I have had a coax snag and pull
  > in two even when I am watching but not as observant as I should be.
  >   73, Dan, N5AR

  Could not agree more.  still not sure why a pulldown is necessary as 
  gravity should certainly handle it and as Dan states, if you are not 
  out there to the side walking around with the remote in your hand, you 
  are likely to bung up your alignment or suffer other mishaps. I do 
  like the idea of a line hanging from the mast base to put pressure 
  against the wind.  really like this list.

  I am still trying to find a 110VAC winch for about the same price as 
  the 12VAC with remote sold by Stanley or Masterlock, I forget 
  which..about $70.00  I suppose I could use my emcomm battery set to 
  run the winch since the 110V is just NOT going to be found.<G>.

  73de chas/k5dam


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