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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Fw: Tower climbers to get their day in the sun
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Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2008 22:05:13 -0700
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I was asked by them to provide pictures and video from the KFI tower
re-guy and my trip up the tower to replace the last insulator.  They
also wanted my pictures of the new tower coming down and the aftermath.

I wasn't convinced that it would be in the best interest of industry and
decided not to.  Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

Dino - K6RIX

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Fw: Tower climbers to get their day in the sun
From: "Joe Crawford" <>
Date: Sat, July 19, 2008 8:38 pm

Forwarded from another list.
 Joe W4AAB
 Tower climbers to get their day in the sun

> Climbers to get their day in the sun
> NBC's "Dateline" to explore the perilous world of tower dogs on July 21
> July 16, 2008 - NBC's "Dateline Presents" says it will take "a
> never-before-seen journey into the hazardous world of the tower climbers 
> who work on the
> frontlines of America's high-tech communications system."
> The program, "Tower Dogs," will air on Monday, July 21 at 10:00 PM/ET.
> The hour-long broadcast is expected to give an up close and personal
> no-holds-barred look at tower dogs' lives - up in the air and on the 
> ground.
> "We experience their on-the-job tension and watch them work hard, play 
> hard,
> and mourn when they lose one of their own," NBC said in a press release.
> In a twist on all the dangerous-job programs that solely feature males,
> typically narrated with muscular prose, "Tower Dogs" follows an unusual 
> tower
> crew boss: a woman named Nikki Collins, a single mom, former cheerleader, 
> and
> the person keeping her tough-guy charges in one piece.
> Although there has been a noted increase in tower construction company
> owners and _climbers that are women_
> ( Climbers) , 
> they are in a small minority in a predominately
> male profession.
> The "Dateline" team worked for four months documenting this group of 
> tower
> climbers as they worked their way through 40 towns and cities in 24 
> states.
> During this time there were seven fatalities nationwide, including five 
> deaths
> in a 12-day period in April. Please see: _National exposure long 
> overdue,
> say many_ ( 
> Dogs)



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