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we're right there....  

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I watched the program with an open mind (having spent about 30 yrs on the
iron) but soon realized the show was just that "a show". True, there was
some great footage from above showing guys working on antennas. Way too
little. Most of this show dealt with looking into the eyes of the blond,
watching the crew in bars, pool halls, and RV's. Tower work? there was some.
The show seemed to be about drunks who happened to climb towers.

You have to ask yourself... if you were not knowledgable about towers and
tower work, what did this show do for you?

I'm this a pilot for another reality series?

On another note... someone can help me here... I have never heard the term
"tower dog". is this term from out West or down South? We always were called
"tower JOCKS". curious!

73 and stay safe up there...

Mike KM1R


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