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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Antenna Selection Assistance
Date: Mon, 28 Jul 2008 14:53:09 -0500
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And to cap off an already nearly perfect antenna, the fiberglass 
elements are so slick that the birds can't seem to get a toe-hold to 
allow them to roost.  They have found the aluminum boom, 
Jim - K5LAD

On 28 Jul 2008 at 19:16, Rick Stealey wrote:

> SteppIR 3 element.
> I have the US Tower 72 footer, freestanding.  
> You get 3 elements, 5 bands, instant 180 degree reversal of the pattern.  A 
> bi-directional mode which is very useful except when you need maximum gain.  
> Been up 4 years not a single glitch of any kind.  IF there should ever be a 
> problem thats why you have a crank-up isnt it, so you can get to the antenna 
> easily?  And if you do you won't find a better person to have on the other 
> end of the phone than Mike, the owner of SteppIR.  
> Some other things to consider, hard to put a number on them - you simply 
> don't turn the antenna much, less wear on the rotor.  Your connections are 
> all weather protected.  IF you suspect a heavy ice load you can retract the 
> elements and then IF the fiberglass should break there is only fiberglass 
> damage, and that's all you have to replace.  But see the picture on the 
> SteppIR web site if it is still there showing the K2XT antenna with NO ice on 
> it, with the pines here loaded and almost bent over to the ground.  The ice 
> just slid right off the SteppIR (different temperatures may have resulted in 
> snow build-up but I haven't seen it yet in 4 years in NJ).  It's only fair to 
> say, however, that my SteppIR doesn't beat the 24 foot HyGain beams it 
> replaced, but also keep in mind that I didn't have WARC bands, and lived in 
> fear that those HyGains with all that torque were not going to stay up.  One 
> day when I looked up and saw my mast bent at a 10 degree angle I knew they 
> had to com
>  down.  SteppIR - 3 element has been entirely satisfactory.
> I see Steve says there have been motor failures.  I am sure he will agree 
> that does not necessarily mean the motors are unreliable.  Ask Mike what the 
> overall failure rate is, and compare that with failures that could occur on 
> conventional beams (corrosion, loose joints, mistuned).  Remember you can 
> tweak your SteppIR after it is in the air if you want to !!
> Rick  K2XT
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