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Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2008 21:43:31 -0400
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Don't do it unless the tower is designed for guying...some are! The TRI-EX 
CT-100 is a crank-up designed to be guyed. Each tower section carries the 
weight of those above it. Not a problem for the 1/4" steel cables. The dead 
weight antenna spec is 600lbs and the wind load spec is 40sq ft fully 
extended.  Over 25yr old, never had a problem...I check the cables at least 
twice a month if not weekly.

Good Luck,

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> Dennis: You will find different opinions here on many subjects however I
> believe there is almost uniform opinion on guying crankup towers. Don't do
> it. That puts additional stress on the lifting cables when horizontal 
> force
> is applied to the tower.  73. Dan, N5AR



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