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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] sealing goop
From: "Kelly Johnson" <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2008 18:02:58 -0700
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I learned the following trick from a guy at work that installs and
maintains all of our antenna systems:
1) Wrap the connector with standard electrical tape GOOEY SIDE OUT.
This way you don't gunk up the connector if/when you have to remove
the tape.
2) Apply a second layer, but this time use "rubberized electrical
tape".  I think Scotch makes some and probably others as well.  I
can't remember the product name, but could find it if necessary
3) Apply a final layer of standard electrical tape GOOEY SIDE DOWN
over the outside.

You know have 3 layers, with the inner layer being of the "rubberized"
kind.  It can be removed relatively easy with a razor blade knife and
there will be no goo on the connector.

On 7/31/08, Artmouton <> wrote:
> Any ideas on the better types of sealing goop for parts on towers, etc.
> I have an older Yaesu Rotator with the plug for the control cable.  No boot
> available to cover the plug connection.  To much chance of tai tai's and
> mi-mings getting in there (also possibly gremmies) so I want to seal it all
> up.
> I want to goop it to keep out water, etc.
> Then, after applying goop do I further seal it with electrical tape?
> What have we out there?
> Tnx & 73,
> Art K5FNQ
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