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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] sealing goop
From: "Roger N0VR" <>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2008 11:36:29 -0600
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So true!

The only way I've overcome that problem is to make connections and seal them
on the ground before I put things "in-the-air". Then it's just a matter of
routing cables to wherever they are destined.

A lot of the different wx proofing ideas we have seen over the years are
very interesting. There are aspects of all of them that are reasonable and
work well. It's fun to take bits and pieces of others experiences and try to
make one work for you.

I like the reference to the goop-lined heat shrink. I've never heard of
that. Anyone have a favorite source for that stuff?

As far as sealing connectors in-place on the tower without using heat or hot
glue, that sounds like fodder for another thread to share all of our cool
methods. :-)

Keep all the great ideas flowing. The sharing of experiences is how we

Roger, N0VR

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Not bad ideas, but heat and glue guns aren't the most convenient
things to use when you're up the tower :-)

On 8/1/08, jimlux <> wrote:
> Roger N0VR wrote:
> > I use a similar method but I "pot" the connectors with hot glue as the
> > "middle" layer instead of using the self-vulcanizing (or rubberized)
tape. I
> > just thoroughly cover the first layer with hot glue and then once it
> > to where it is slightly firm but still pliable, I wrap it with the third
> > layer. The tightening of the top layer as it is applied will effectively
> > squeeze the still soft glue into any voids that you may have missed.
> >
> > Granted, the self-vulcanizing tape might be easier but I had a connector
> > water in it years ago using the three layer method. That is what
prompted me
> > to "pot" them instead.
> >
> > The one thing I didn't do before is turn the first layer "sticky side
> > That is a great idea. Although some tape residue isn't all that bad to
> > remove from a connector, your method makes it just that much easier.
> >
> > Roger, N0VR
> >
> >
> They actually make a heat shrink tubing that has an inner layer on it
> that melts at the shrink temperature.  You put it over the connector,
> zap it with the heat gun, and the goop squirts out the ends as the
> tubing shrinks.
> There's also a low melting tape (no adhesive) that you wrap around the
> thing to be sealed, putting heat shrink over the combination. Same
> idea.. you heat the assembly, the tape melts, the outer tubing shrinks,
> and you've got a watertight seal.
> I've heard stories about people actually sealing leaks in pipes with
> this stuff, but not actually seen it done.
> Jim, W6RMK
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