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[TowerTalk] Identify tower manufacturer

Subject: [TowerTalk] Identify tower manufacturer
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2008 23:36:16 EDT
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Does anyone recognize this tower and does anyone know where I can find more  
information about it?
I received is as a crank-up tower. The tower sections are make of  aluminum, 
but the pieces that made it into a crank-up tower were obviously  homemade, 
made of steel (Heavy corroded and removed and discarded by me).
Anyhow each section has the legs made of round aluminum tubes/pipes. The  
lower section has 1 5/8" OD tubes that are 24 3/8 " apart. The middle section  
has 1 5/8" OD tubes that are 20 5/16" apart. The top section has 1 1/4 " OD  
tubes that are 16 5/8 " apart. All tubes are tapered/crimped at the top end  to 
fit in to the next section. Each section are put together of 8 foot long  
pieces. Yes, the tower is climbable, the rod between the tubes are bent with 
part horizontal and one part on a ~45 degree angle.
I am planning/hoping to put a tapered section between each of the  three 
existing sections to get me a fixed tower. I can use a fixed tower in my  
location. Will not be forced to put up a crank-up tower.
Any idea?
73 de Hans, N2JFS

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