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Re: [TowerTalk] Beam problems A3S

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Beam problems A3S
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Date: Sun, 3 Aug 2008 08:58:51 -0500
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Yes it has the 40 meter addition.
I went up and checked to be sure that the traps were in the right place on 
each element and pointed in the right direction (arrow in).
I then confirmed that the traps for the director, reflector and Driven 
element are correct for each one.
I moved the DE in closer and got the SWR point on 20 to 14.100 but then 40 
meters went crazy again.
15 is still gone.
10 is ok

I think I need a different beam
Spent way too much time on this one.

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> I assume you have the 40 Meter kit since you mentioned it.
> If your VSWR is nuts on one band here is what could be the causes.
> One is that a trap is bad or mis-tuned (wrong spot). Another is
> that the antenna is too close to metal or another antenna. The
> third is that it needs the length re-adjusted.
> I assume all element lengths are correct and make sure that the
> element spacing is correct.
> Make sure the reflector and director spacing are not swapped.
> Check the traps ON the antenna with a grid dip meter or the
> MFJ grid dip attachment for the their analyzer.
> 73 Dave n4zkf
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> Well, finally got the Cushcraft A3S cleaned and together.
> Got it on the roof with stands.
> I can find resonant point on 40 and 20 and will adjust for that.
> 10 also seems good.
> But 15 is bad, real bad.
> 5:1 SWR and not even close to change at either end of the band.
> Any suggestions?
> Bad trap?
> I will, recheck traps in the morning to be sure I have the right ones in 
> the
> right place but pretty sure that they are correct.
> I checked measurement but it is so far off that could not be the problem
> So, any way to "check" the 15M trap?
> Swap it with another?
> What tool or equipment do I need?
> I had a crew coming tomorrow to put it on the tower but cancelled because 
> of
> the problem 73, Art K5FNQ
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