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Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 22:04:35 -0500
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Thomas: last Fall, I was in the market for a new tower and tried to contact 
Tashjian for some additional information on one of their telescoping towers.  I 
emailed them a couple of times and even sent snail mail.  Never did get a 
response from them.  I posted this result on this reflector and several came to 
Tashjian's defense.  All I can say is that Tashjian NEVER did respond to the 
emails or snail mail.  Go Figure!


I also contacted U. S. Towers and they were very responsive, but I did reach a 
point that their engineer stopped returning my email.  All things considered I 
did select one of their towers and I am in the process of installing a 
motorized MA-850.  Unfortunately, their installation information is very 
marginal, perhaps unacceptable, at best.  For $10,000, I expect more than a 
couple of one page drawings.


I just don't subscribe to the notion that the tower companies don't supply 
information because of potential litigation.  Why?  I strongly suspect that 
they could be sued for not providing accurate assembly/ instruction 
information!!!!  Of course, that is only my opinion.


Best of luck to you.




            Bernard, WA4OEJ 

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