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Subject: [TowerTalk] Sources for mast material
From: "Michael Fox \(K5MEF\)" <>
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2008 18:19:26 -0700
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I used Champion Radio's WinMARC tool to calculate the recommended masts for
my planned VHF/UHF stack.  If I enter an extra safe wind speed of 100 mph
(my county is 70 mph basic speed), the tool suggests the following masts:


Wall  Yield Strength    Description

----  --------------    ------------------------------------------

0.120       40,000      6063-T835         Drawn aluminum tube

0.120       42,000      2024-T3           Drawn aluminum tube

0.120       46,000      A 500 Grade B     Structural steel pipe

0.120       50,000      1010              Carbon steel CDBW 


Of course, something even stronger could be used, but just adds extra weight


I need a 10 foot mast and that's too long to ship via UPS, etc.  So I'll
need to obtain locally in order to avoid multi-$100 freight charges.  But, I
suspect if I took this list to a local hardware store or Home Depot or
Orchard Supply Hardware, they wouldn't have a clue.  


So, my questions are:  

1)  Does any of this stuff have a "common" name?  

2)  What type of place would I go to look for it?

3)  How can I tell that I'm getting the right stuff?


I'm in the S.F. Bay Area (peninsula), if that helps.


Thanks in advance,



Michael - K5MEF



We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not a single act, but a
habit. -- Aristotle



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