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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister Rotor wires
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Date: Tue, 5 Aug 2008 10:26:03 -0400
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Art, about a year ago I was faced with exactly the same issue.  It came 
about when I had to extend my cable by about 100' and the new cable had 
different colors available.

After some frustration, I sat back, took a deep breath and made some very 
careful resistance measurements at the end of the cable on the ground. 
Using a DVM, and it's ability to measure 1/10ths of an ohm, I was able to 
generate a table of values from each of the wires to the others.  Then, by 
looking at that data I was able to slowly piece together what the various 
connections were.  What helped was I knew the large diameter wires were 
numbers 1 & 2.

But, in the very, very end, it came down to not knowing the exact identity 
of (I think it was) 2 wires.  Luckily the unknown wires were not going to 
damage the unit if I had the wrong order.  I knew I had at most several 
possibilities to try out.  In my case, I got lucky and my first guess worked 
like a charm and I was up and running.  So, to answer your question, yes, 
you can take very careful measurements and by studying the schematic you 
will be able to find your way back home.  The entire process took me about 2 
hours worth of pondering and reasoning.

Gedas, W8BYA

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Tailtwister Rotor wires

> OK, I admit to screwing up. but it was for a good cause.
> Local was doing tower work and had rotor problems.  I volunteered to come
> home and get my TX2 control box in case his was bad.
> I wrote down the color code when I took off the wires and have now lost 
> the
> little piece of paper I used.
> I think I have it right as the manual has the color codes, it has just 
> been
> up too long to be sure.
> I see in the manual a way to check resistance on the wires.
> Is this the only way to try and figure out the wiring or do I have to get
> someone up the tower to check?
> Yeah it was a dumb move, but all for a good cause at the time.
> Art K5FNQ
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