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I saw someone mention EMT conduit earlier...think it was Steve.  I was over
at HOME DEPOT over the weekend to pick up a couple of 10ft lengths to use as
a temporary support for an antenna. The 10ft sticks of 1 1/2" that were
$33.0 each back in March are $51.50 now.  You might be looking for longer
lengths than 10ft anyway, but I thought I'd offer that info on the INFLATION
of the price as well as the availability in the home type stores.  Ten foot
lengths is all you will find there.   - Mike

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I wonder about this also...  I have a client that is a fence company
and they say it is all seamed pipe they use in fencing.  Strong, but

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Roger (K8RI) wrote:
> Are you sure it's seamless?  I've been using it for my gin pole as well 


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