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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Tower Cable Query
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Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 00:31:53 -0400
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The best way to grab a cable without damaging it is to use a Klein
grip. You can see one at this link:

Scroll down the page a bit and you'll see it. If you were to hold the
grip on the left, and push the loop of metal on the right, the "jaws"
of the Klein grip would open up. They're several inches long, with a
rounded trough in the middle. You slip the jaws on the cable and then
pull the loop to the right to close the jaws. You clip the come-along
to the metal loop. The more tension you apply, the tighter the jaws
grip the cable. The long trough contact area ensures the cable won't
be damaged.

Among other things, Klein grips can be used with a come-along to
tension tower guys before putting guy grips on them. They're also
useful for connecting an antenna tram cable to a come-along.

This job sounds like it could be dangerous, so make sure all of the
tools you use are properly rated. Be sure the Klein grip is rated for
the specific size and type of cable on the tower. Also, make sure the
come-along is rated for the load that will be put on it by the tower,
antenna, rotor, etc. It'll probably require a pretty heavy duty come-

73, Dick WC1M

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> After a very slow and methodical assembly, the new MonstIR is  at the
> top of my 72 foot, Tristao, free-standing, motorized crank up,  tower.
> So far everything appears to be working according to  specifications.
> I went with the direct mount Tilt-Plate, (# 002), and the  Orion
> rotor, with a Green Heron controller.
> The only glitch, and it is  a fairly serious one, occurred as I was
> extending the tower to its full  height. Just as the tower extended to
> its maximum height, I heard a loud pop  and saw gear oil coming from
> the end of the motorized cable windlass gearbox.  It appears that one
> of the worm gear shaft bearings was destroyed and I am  now looking at
> a very difficult and delicate procedure to repair it, if  possible.
> The problem being, I have to maintain the tower at its fully  extended
> height, secure the cable sustaining all of the vertical load  weight
> so I can unspool the balance of the cable off the windlass and  remove
> the entire gear box and unit for examination and possible  repair.
> Somehow I need to take the load off of the windlass and secure it  to
> another snatch point so I can effect the repair. I think a very
> stout  "come along" will handle the load, but I need some advice on
> how to grasp the  very taut cable in such a manner that whatever I use
> won't slip or slide on  the cable, but won't weaken or degrade it
> either. There must be some sort of  device that I can find that will
> do the trick. I will make a proper, stout  anchor and secure it to the
> base bolts and use the come along to hold the  load. The only other
> viable, but very expensive option, I can think of, is to  hire a big
> boom bucket truck to come out so I can block each tower section so  it
> won't move south and take the pressure off of the cable. Right now  it
> seems I cannot even hand turn the gear box, so it is a serious
> problem.  I want to think this through carefully. The antenna is up so
> I don't have to  bring anything down in a hurry, but I do want to
> effect the repair, safely  and successfully.
> The tilt plate was a dream, but getting the proper  angle set, was a
> trial and error process that necessitated cranking and  tilting the
> tower over three times. I am glad for the help of my big  brother,
> Chuck, W6AJW, and great friend, Bill, K6DUY.
> I still have  lots to learn about the MonstIR, but I worked a SM5 on
> 40 meters the other  night with 50 W, so it does work.
> Sorry for the bandwidth, and though  this is slightly off topic, I
> would appreciate some sage, (kind), advice from  the
> assembled multitude.
> VY 73, Tommy,  W6IJ
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