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Re: [TowerTalk] OT: Exterior Ethernet Cable

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] OT: Exterior Ethernet Cable
From: Hector Garcia XE2K <>
Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2008 13:34:24 -0700 (PDT)
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The CAT 5 cable  for OUTDOOR use  comes in different versions
the common Black  jacket  is    the cheapest,  will work  fine   here in the 
Desert where I live those cables works fine for direct sun exposure ,  also 
there in Home depot saw some  called outdoor/indoor version in white jacket but 
no experience .

there is the other  Black jacket  Gel Filled   from clear, black and white 
color  messy to handle , gloves recommended   and off course wash your hands , 
belden , commscope, condumex, etc  have those just to mention a few names.

after those basic cables you will find  double jacket  plastic,  thick cat 5 , 
cat 6 , double shield,  single shield ,  etc etc, depending  of your need or 
environment , also the direct burial.

the simple gel Filled is the one is installed in my station to get internet 
from the Router in the House to  outside  to the Shack , like  170 ft and have 
not RFI problems running the amp .

For a long time installation  is the cable is not inside pipes , the Outdoor 
CAT filled is your next cheap solution.

And yes you can buy by the feet or  100ft increments , some brands like Proxim, 
Alvarion, use good quality and sell the replacement , look on Ebay 

Hector XE2K

"Martin, AA6E" <> wrote: TowerTalk people know a lot 
and have opinions on even more, so I thought I'd
risk the following.

I need to run Ethernet "CAT5" (or better) wire on an outdoor wall.  I have
PVC jacketed Belkin CAT5e cable "designed to meet advanced UTP
horizontal-cable applications".  The box tells me some other things, like I
should wash my hands after handling, but it says nothing about interior vs
exterior installations.

So what's the wisdom of using such cable on an exposed exterior
installation?  Is there a better alternative that is readily available?  I
see that Belden 7923A is "industrial" cable that should be better, but I
don't want to buy 1000 ft of it...

Tnx & 73, Martin

Martin Ewing, AA6E
Branford, CT

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