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[TowerTalk] Happy news

Subject: [TowerTalk] Happy news
From: michael castellano <>
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 17:59:39 -0700 (PDT)
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Nice to hear some good news for a fellow ham!

In our little town, there has been a 35' limit for decades, "with reasonable 
accomodation for ham radio". The zoning office once told me that the 35 ft mark 
was due to the fact that telephone poles were 35 feet
and this came into being long before he was born.

But the height rule has never been enforced FOR HAMS, and hams here have never 
been even asked to pull a permit. I have a couple of 60 footers, a 90...and 
there are some 50 footers in town.

Cell & Commercial, now thats another story with CT Siting Council having the 
big say.

One rule IS enforced... and its not a zoning thing. it's a town ordnance:

GUYED towers are forbidden. all towers must be self supporting. Period. We have 
a lot of SSV in our town!

Keep smiling and of course... 73!

Mike KM1R


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