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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] New foundation or old?
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Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 21:54:29 -0500
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Greg, No problem except make sure the Epoxy in NOT EXPIRED. Hilti is a good
source and also can supply bolts though an industrial suppler. 
About bolt size:  larger and longer doesn't always relate to more strength;
I am not going into a long expanded explanation, but go back to the original
plans and if you can install similar size and length bolts, and of course,
use the correct strength nuts.  Just put them down in the same pattern, and
you will be good to go.  One mistake novice's make is not to get the correct
equipment for boring into the cement.  When you get into large size holes,
you need a good rotary hammer, with the correct bit sometimes you will need
a rebar cutter to make your hole.  You can usually rent them from Home Depot
or the Tool rental places.  I work in the high voltage electrical industry,
and we have anchored lighting poles down that would surpass a great deal of
amateur radio equipment using nothing more than the epoxy bolt system.
Since we, in some cases, have to pass a engineering rating, we actually have
a testing company come out, they hook on to them, and apply the correct
pulling force and I have only seen two failures and in both cases, it was
due to very old and extremely questionable concrete.  I wish you the best of
success with your project.  Eugene Jensen K2QWD

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Subject: [TowerTalk] New foundation or old?

Looks like I may be getting a Skyneedle TMHD370.  Its no taller than my
current HG70HD, but I certainly can put 
more antenna on the Skyneedle.

I really over did the concrete when doing the Hygain tower.  The hole was
about 7x5x5.  This is more than 
enough for the Skyneedle.  What I am considering is drilling down into the
concrete about 2ft and inserting 
threaded 1 1/2" rod and industrial epoxy to secure them.  Then with a crane,
lift the tower and set it on the 
bolts and secure them down.

The alternative is a new hole, buy the base from Tash towers (no price yet
-- waiting) and install as per the 
manual with the hinge mechanism and plate that comes attached to the rebar


Greg - AB7R
Whidbey Island WA


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