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[TowerTalk] Interlacing Quads and Yagis. Yes or No

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Interlacing Quads and Yagis. Yes or No
From: "Bill Gaines AD8P" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2008 21:09:44 -0400
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I am in the beginning stages of a major antenna overhaul here. I already have 
(but not installed) a Tri-Ex LM-470D tower and I am trying to decide what to 
put on top of it. Recently I came across a Cush Craft 2 element 40 meter beam 
so I brought it home to roost. Now I want to decide what to use for 20 thru 10 
meters. I really like quads. I had an old HyGain quad many years ago which 
should have given me or anyone who owned one a bad taste for them but I guess 
the years have been kind. Now I would like to use a quad again. However I think 
the vertical spacing between the 2 element 40 and a quad on the same mast would 
be so great that I wouldn't want to try it. So I have given some thought to 
building a 2 element quad on the same boom as the 2 element 40. I can beef the 
boom up to a 3" boom if necessary. I just want to know if someone has done this 
before and with what results.

Thanks in advance,

Bill AD8P
ad8p at wcoil dot com

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