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Re: [TowerTalk] Heights Towers Aluminum??

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Heights Towers Aluminum??
From: "Dick Williams" <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 16:40:33 -0600
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I have seen several interesting comments on the reflector concerning Heights 
Alum towers; and in fact, I posted a couple myself.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have three of them and they all tilt 
over in the center (80 ft towers with the fold over at the 40 ft level).

Obviously, weight is a concern, you can't put 400 lbs of antenna and 
acessories on the top and expect it to work.
Alum masts certainly help; in fact I have a nice 20 ft, 1/2 inch wall one 
sitting on the ground that I am not using right now (150 bucks picked up).

As far as size, I have not found that to be a problem (just weight).    I 
put the antenna together (or take it down to work on with the boom parallel 
to the ground (elements vertical).   If the elements are too long, I just 
start removing element  sections as I lower it down until the boom is low 
enough to work on.

It is too bad that Glenn Martin Engineering does not produce the Voyager any 
more.  It is the similiar to the Hazer except it is on a external track on 
the side of the tower.   I have one on a 120 ft Rohn tower.  Have a Force 12 
Mag 620/340N on it with a M2 R2800 rotor.  Works great; brings the antenna 
right down to the ground ready to be worked on when needed.   And all it 
takes is a 1/2 inch electric drill to raise and lower it.

All said and done, I like the Heights towers and the Voyager system for 
"ground level" antenna work.

Dick  K8ZTT


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