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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] U S Tower Documentation
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Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2008 09:29:12 -0500
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    Wayne: My tower came directly from the company without any stops in 
between.  The driver had a goose neck trailer hooked to a heavy duty, dual 
wheel pickup truck.  He also had a farm tractor on the trailer.  He told me to 
be careful of the limit switches.  A couple of us inspected the tower and could 
find no damage.  I think that the key was no fork lift drivers in between 
delivery stops!!!

    By any chance do you remember the NC/ NO positions for each of the 
switches?  If so, I would like to get them and record them for possible future 

    I would like to check the operation of the motor/ limit switches before 
installing the antenna and cables.  Is there an easy way to do this.  With the 
tower vertical, horizontal, etc??????

    Maybe I have received all the documentation that U S Towers normally sends 
with a new tower?  In any case, I am still going to contact Gary next week and 
talk to him about it.  I really expected a more complete documentation package 
for a purchase of over $10,000.

    Thanks for your comments!!!

            Bernard, WA4OEJ
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  I have installed a number of US towers both MA and TM series. There 
Documentation leaves much to be desired. One install the shipper had damaged 
the crate and upon inspection the limit switch wires were  totally riped from 
the tower at the limit switches and the top limit trip arm was broken. Getting 
the replacement parts was no problem. But trying to get them to divulge the 
color code and to answer a simple question " the  top limit switch in the 
nested position, is it  NC or NO ?"   was like pulling chicken teeth. I never 
did get a answer, and I rung the control box/limit switch wiring on the owners 
dime :(   UMMV
  Wayne W3EA.  


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  > Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 20:21:21 -0500
  > Subject: [TowerTalk] U S Tower Documentation
  > I am in the process of installing a U. S. Tower motorized MA-850 with the 
rotor base. I am wondering what others who ordered motorized U. S. Towers 
received for documentation. I did not receive an information package when the 
tower arrived so I have called U. S. Tower, several times, asking for various 
documentation, Each time, they seemed very helpful, but the documentation that 
I subsequently received was very skimpy. I expected a more complete 
documentation package on the tower and some sort of instruction manual 
describing the assembly and operation of the motor unit and remote control
  > What have the rest of you received?
  > 73s
  > Bernard, WA4OEJ
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