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Re: [TowerTalk] Heights Towers Aluminum??

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Heights Towers Aluminum??
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Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 17:46:25 -0700
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I was visiting my old buddies, Harbor Frieight, a couple weeks ago ... they 
had on special an aluminum welding rod that advertised you only needed a 
propane torch to make a super aluminum connection ... like, beams, towers, 
hardware?  I suppose this was what is meant by "buttering".  I did not buy, 
don't need any just this moment, but wonder if anyone else has tried this 
product ..
Could certainly be handy if it does an anywhere near good job...Mark

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>    I have no first-hand knowledge of these towers, but I am currently
> working with an experienced aluminum welder (military aircraft) on a tower
> project.  Presuming arguendo this is not a "buttering" problem (cold weld
> with no penetration) it sounds as if the completed units are not
> heat-treated to bring them back to the original tensile strength.
>    An example- I asked my welder friend about the practicability of 
> welding
> a center-sleeve of 1 1/2" OD 1/4" wall aluminim tube into a 2" OD 1/4" 
> wall
> tube so I could have a travel mast with two 8 foot sections that would 
> silde
> together & bolt on just one side.  He told me the tube stength would be
> compromised unless the welded portion was "baked" at the appropriate temp
> for 24-36 hours, and that in his shop (a gov't facility with top of the 
> line
> gear) the "oven" can only fit 3ft long objects.  To wit:  "In some
> applications it is better to just use hardware and this is one of them".
>    Why do I get the impression that the critical welded areas of these
> towers are not re-heat-treated?
>    N3DB
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>>I am glad to get this information. The Height tower I have in my yard just
>> now is old. I noticed that some of the weld or the Z have opened and was
>> going
>> to fix that before I put the tower up. Now I may get all the welds
>> inspected
>> before I put it up. I looked at the welds before and wondered if they 
>> were
>> OK,  but as I am not an expert I thought they were OK. The welds that
>> brook were
>> under high tention after the Z itself bent at these places.
>> Hans N2JFS


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