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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Broadband Sloper
From: Marinus Loewensteijn <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 06:49:39 +0000
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Clint, Richards

thanks for the replies. That explanation makes sense. By the time I would add a 
capacity hat and the groundplane I might as well build a rotatable dipole for 
less time and money invested and finish up with a radiating element at a far 
higher average height than the tower. Ofcourse it may not be the tower that is 
doing most of the radiation, it may well be that the antenna on top does most 
of the work, just like gamma loading a boom of a 20 meter beam will make it 
work FB on 30 or 40.

I think I may just clone the Hy-Gain linear loaded dipole. The firm is selling 
all the parts for repairs and I live only a few km away from one of the major 
aluminium wholesalers here in NZ. So there should not be any nasty suprises 

Marinus, ZL2ML

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> Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Broadband Sloper
> My understanding is that those slopers (kinda like the AlphaDelta
> DX-A and DX-B sloper antennas) need to be hung off a high tower,
> where the tower and, maybe, a yagi beam comprises a capacity hat,
> and work even better with a few radials and a good ground. Otherwise,
> it is just an odd sort of inverted V dipole and if it is trapped, you
> are better
> off with a broadband doublet fed with window or ladder line.
> Just MY take. (My AlphaDelta DX-B sloper sucks without a tower, yagi
> capacity hat, and good ground system.) A service tech at TenTec
> company agrees as he had one and says they suck if not properly
> installed as described above. ARRL Antenna Handbook has a nice
> short write up on them that covers the essentials well.
> ================ K8JHR ==============
> W5CPT wrote:
>> In the ARRL Antenna Book, 17th edition, the antenna you are interested
> is explained on pages 4-16 to 4-18. It is called the K0EOU Broadband
> Sloper.
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