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This is a different beast than a sloper. The antenna is comprised of 3 
elements. The "driven" elements (the ones connected to the coax) start at 15 
feet high on the tower. They are set so that they are together at the tower and 
8' apart at the ends (52') away at about 12' high.  The third element is 
grounded to the tower at the top and ends approximately between the other 
elements at about 11' high (not grounded at this end).  

The author of the article claims an almost omnidirectional pattern at about 30 
to 60 degrees.  The mininec charts are in the book.

Clint - W5CPT

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  My understanding is that those slopers (kinda like the AlphaDelta
  DX-A and DX-B sloper antennas) need to be hung off a high tower,
  where the tower and, maybe, a yagi beam comprises a capacity hat,
  and work even better with a few radials and a good ground.   Otherwise,
  it is just an odd sort of inverted V dipole and if it is trapped, you 
  are better
  off with a broadband doublet fed with window or ladder line.

  Just MY take.   (My AlphaDelta DX-B sloper sucks without a tower, yagi
  capacity hat, and good ground system.)     A service tech at TenTec
  company agrees as he had one and says they suck if not properly
  installed as described above.   ARRL Antenna Handbook has a nice
  short write up on them that covers the essentials well.

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  W5CPT wrote:
  > In the ARRL Antenna Book, 17th edition, the antenna you are interested 
  is explained on pages 4-16 to 4-18.  It is called the K0EOU Broadband 


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