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[TowerTalk] Broken Tower Safely Nested

Subject: [TowerTalk] Broken Tower Safely Nested
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 14:57:56 EDT
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Using suggestions from Tower Talk members, I purchase  a 3 ton chain "come 
along", two Klein Grips, a 10,000 pounds capacity snatch  block and assorted 
hardware. After carefully cleaning the cable with MEK to  remove any gunk or 
I attached the Klein grip and secured it to the tower  base with a strong 
hook to the anchor I hand welded up. Once I got tension on to  the come along, 
unbolted the broken gearbox and windlass and uncoiled all of  the cable off of 
the drum. I then hooked the cable to my tractor, put tension on  the cable 
and took the come along out of the equation. I then slowly backed the  tractor 
up toward the tower base and everything safely nested down on the metal  pipes 
I placed to take the tension completely off of the cable. Slick as a  whistle 
and no personal damage. I am now trying to run down parts for the gear  box.
Thanks to those who gave me sage advice on this  potentially dangerous 
73, Tommy,  W6IJ

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