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To: "Paul Young" <>
Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] KLM KT34-A info
From: "Dennis Vernacchia" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 12:47:15 -0700
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There were different settings for element pieces due to changes in the small
what I call, Half Donut insulators.  These hold together and insulate the
tubing sections of the elements. They look like a donut that has been
hollowed out and cut in half

The little "half donut"  ( about 1 to 1 and 1/2 inch diameter ) insulators
came in the following colors as the later models of KT-34 progressed





and I think in that order with black being the early model KT-34 antennas

I recall that KLM manufactured a BAD set of BLACK insulators at one point
and they used
something in the plastic for coloring the insulators black that turned out
to be somewhat conductive ( not a good thing ) or had a dielectric constant
that caused
hams to have lots of trouble tuning the antenna !!!! Hopefully if the
antenna  was in use one time and
resonated properly you won't have this issue.

I think the original instruction sheets were for the black insulators and
the 2nd set
( and I sure hope there weren't a set 3 or 4 of instructions ) handle the
White, Orange and Green Insulators.

So I hope this info will help you on what instruction sheet to use
or when you get the antenna, see which instruction sheet natches the current
construction and go with
that set of instructions for a starter.

I also suggest you check and see if any of these half donut insulators
worked loose
and highly suggest using a non conductive, non UV RTV type of sealant to
insulators in place. If they can pry off of the tubing section they are on,
they will eventually
work loose in the wind causing a short in element sections so if you can
easily pry them loose, apply
the sealant where the insulator pushes on the end of aluminum tubing
sections to be sure they never work loose in the air
( Again, be very careful what sealant you use, maybe K7LXC who comments
often on this reflector can guide you on what
Dow Corning or GE sealant to use )

My $ 0.02 cents

73, Dennis N6KI

I recall that one of these colrs

On Thu, Aug 21, 2008 at 12:22 PM, Paul Young <> wrote:

> Hi all,
>        I have managed to buy a KLM KT34-A 4 element beam.
> I have paid for it but have yet to collect it from up north.
> I managed to find a site with the manual but 2 are listed
> one is listed as (1980) and one is (1983)
> from here if anyone needs them
> I have downloaded both but from my quick look at them, they look the same?
> When I collect the beam, how do I tell what one I have got?
> I have been told it had only 6 months use from new and has been in storage
> ever since.
> all the elements have been kept fully built and just need to be fitted back
> on the boom.
> Any hints or trips or known problems?
> Looking forward to putting up my new toy :-)
> Paul G0HWC
> Check out my website     *Echolink node MB7ICL-L  "381900"*
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