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[TowerTalk] KT34A spacing ?

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Subject: [TowerTalk] KT34A spacing ?
From: "Paul Young" <>
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Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 13:44:25 +0100
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Hi again all, 
                 first many thanks for the replies I got to my question about 
upgrades ETC
to the KT34A. I hope to put this beam on my tower with a Comet 422V 4 band 
rotary dipole on top
and would like to know what spacing they will need ?
I have put the spec of both antennas on one of my pages on my site:->

The other thing I would like to find out about is putting the beam up in stages?
I'm not sure what the neighbors will say when I go from a 20m rotatable dipole
see my station details
to a KT34A with the 422V on top !!!!  I was thinking about just putting 3 
on for a while then and the 4th at a later date. So would I be best to leave 
reflector or the director off ?

Many thanks in advance
Paul G0HWC

Check out my website    *Echolink node MB7ICL-L  "381900"*

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