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Re: [TowerTalk] Splicing LDF4

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Splicing LDF4
From: "Rob Atkinson" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 18:37:00 -0500
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Those aren't hard or easy ways; they are wrong ways, especially if the
splice is outside where you will eventually have problems due to
condensation and possible water penetration.   The dielectric is
intended to be inside a waterproof seal because this feedline is not
pressurized.   I'd terminate each end with an andrew male (probably a
N) and join the two ends with a good quality silver plated N bullet
(a N female on each end).


rob / k5uj

The hard way: A friend used "big enough" brass rod, 1 1/2" long, milled
or drilled a hole, in the ends, to fit the center conductor. Tin and
solder to splice the center conductors. Copper pipe, big enough, 3 to 4
inches long to slip over outer copper, tin and solder. (slide the outer
pipe on first). Used some 1/8"x 6" al strips, with hose clamps, as a splint.

Easy way: Tape the two pieces side by side, wrap copper flashing on
outer and inner, solder. Sandwich bag, tape.

Steve London wrote:
> Anyone have some good tricks for splicing Andrew LDF4 1/2" Heliax ?
> This would be for HF use, only - not worried about a small impedance bump.
> 73,
> Steve, N2IC

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