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[TowerTalk] Do Bracketed Towers Have an Overturning Moment?

Subject: [TowerTalk] Do Bracketed Towers Have an Overturning Moment?
From: Jeff Stevens <>
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 15:13:02 -0700
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I'm fine with calculating the overturning moment of a freestanding
tower.  My questions is about guyed and bracketed installations.

When I think of a force diagram for a bracketed tower, it appears to me
that there is no overturning moment at the base of the tower.  The
bracket has a reaction due to the lateral force of the tower due to wind
loading.  The overturning moment needs to be calculated AT the bracket
and the problem becomes one of calculating the tension and compression
in the tower legs.  Yes?  No?

It seems the base of a bracketed tower needs to be designed so it
doesn't fail due to the weight of the tower.  Overturning moment isn't
an issue.

I'm probably wrong here and would appreciate any corrections.  This is
just a learning exercise.  I'm not looking to design a 150' tower in a
crowded urban area or anything.



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