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[TowerTalk] rebar vs. fiber

Subject: [TowerTalk] rebar vs. fiber
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 07:57:16 EDT
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i have 3 tower bases poured. i just have 2 sections in concrete right now but 
here is the rundown.
#1 25g planned for a height of 70ft
#2 25g planned for a height of 120ft
#3 55g planned for a height of 150-190ft
#4 55g (will pour in oct same as #3)

i hand built all 4 rebar cages from 1/2-5/8" rebar (some i bought and some 
scraps). the cages are just eyeball measured and i used a mig welder to keep it 
all together. once in the hole with the tower section in place and plumbed 
straight, i braze welded #4 solid copper wire to the horizontal bars of the 
section and the other end was brazed to the rebar cage (ive read alot about 
UFER grounding). the ufer grounding will be in addition to the grounding of the 
3 tower legs

using the ufer ground is the #1 reason i still used the rebar cage in my 
tower foundations-i ALSO used the course fibers in my concrete for control of 
shrinking and cracking. also to help control shrinkage and cracking, i had the 
concrete slump as low as possible (2-3 slump). a low slump is less water, less 
time to work, harder to work but reduces shrinkage and cracking (the water has 
to go somewhere). also while pouring the concrete i used a vibrator to help 
expel air bubbles. (be sure to order your concrete WITHOUT entrapped air). i 
would pour about a foot of concrete at a time then vibrate about 10 diferent 
places around the base. 

my bases are a little overkill 4'x4'x4' and the tops are 6'x6'x6" with about 
another 2-3" crown poured in the center. the reason i poured a 6'x6'x6inch par 
is so i will hade somewhere to stand, set tools, equipment and keep grass 
away from the tower. the 2'3" crown is for water runoff.

if anybody wants some pics, just give me a holler and i will send a few.


David Howard, K5QWO, EL2RL, YI9QWO

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Marines and the enemy. Everyone else has a secondhand opinion."

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