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Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 13:52:16 -0700
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Just a note about Bungee Cord, I used to use this stuff, but after about 3
months in the CA sun it explodes into horrible white powdery mess.


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Dipole Ends,
    Some future day this tree will be cut down or blown over and the screw
will be completely covered over.   The fellow with the chainsaw will perhaps
be killed when cutting into this hidden bolt!   All trees eventually come to
their end even if after a couple a hundred years though most do not last so
long.   Better to try around the tree and loosen each year perhaps tying in
a different spot.   You could place a weighted bucket over a branch.

     This site is rightfully concerned with safety.

              73 Doug EI2CN

     Use a long screw eye into the trunk.  Long because you want to leave
part of it sticking out of the trunk to allow for expansion of the tree
trunk.  Otherwise you'll have to unscrew the eye a bit each year so the eye
isn't consumed by the tree as it grows.  But even with the long bolt you
will eventually have to unscrew it a bit.


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