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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Dipole ends
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 18:02:17 -0500
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W3CP wrote:
> My approach to using trees is to get a line over a fork in a tree branch 
> that is high (use slingshot, bow and arrow, or baseball and fish line), 
> secure line to dipole end, pull other end down around trunk of tree and tie 
> off on low limb with desired tightness.  The desired tightness is one that 
> leaves enough slack to accomodate branch movement in the wind.  I have used 
> this method in Maryland and Oregon, and Oregon does have high winds. After 
> three or four years the line may wear out where it goes over the fork, but 
> you might employ preventitative maintenance, or after three years  it's time 
> for a new and different antenna anyway.
> 73,  Jim  w3cp 

this is my method also, using a piece of heavy cord and a small bag 
with about a quaarter pound of shot in it, whirling it underhand and 
then loosing it at the right, experienced gained moment.  Anyway, use 
the cord to pull a piece of LONG dacron into the tree and down to 
where you want it to be for purpose of adjustment, attach to the 
dacron a one" ring and to that, a small S hook with a pully on that.
run about a 150' of dacron thru the pully to its midpoint, tie the 
ends together then pull the dacronwiththering back up to the fork but 
lacking about 2 feet towards the direction of your dipole.

you can then tie all that off and grab the end of your Cobra Senior 
and attach the end of that to the dacron running thru the pully.  Pull 
that end up to the pully lacking about two feet for your insulator, 
etc.  this also allows some more give for tree top tossing in 90mph 
winds.   (of course, at that speed, you would likely drop that antenna 
down using the pully to a very slack height which would not allow it 
to abrade or jerk apart.)   Then you can go to another similar height 
object and hang another pully on dacron with a line thru the pully to 
adjust the antenna.

POINT IS>.. use a line thru a pully or a ring or something attached to 
the standing line thru the tree.  despite best intentions, I CAN NOT 
budge that standing line about 50' up in that ellum tree as it is 
completely grown in.  BUT, I do still have dual end capability to 
raise and lower antenna since I have pullies in place.

chas k5dam


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