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    You want to put a 'drain' in the conduit.  In other words make one part
lower than the rest, put some holes on the bottom of it there.  Dig deeper
under where these holes are and back fill with some gravel.  It will still
get wet, but won't stay wet all the time.

Joe kk0sd

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Outdoor Coax Issue

OK... I have been trying to follow the detailed discussion on
various brands and models of all weather, bury-able coax...
But it is new to me and all the information is swimming in my
brain in a big swirling vortex.

So... is there any reason I should not use LMR-400-DB in my
back yard?  I am going to run about 50 feet of it underground
to a new big vertical with one of those DX-Engineering radial
plates... but it must traverse through a low area used for
yard drainage, and it can get rather wet with occasional standing
water (like when the snow melts in spring, the soil gets rather
saturated for extended periods.)

I presume it is usually a good idea to one's coax it in some
sort of buried conduit - but I also presume that water gets
everywhere eventually and it could be worse if the conduit
got wet inside, as it might remain wet and never dry out
and I also presume this would be worse yet.

Can I just bury this about six inches down without worry?
If so, Do I need to pull it up and replace it in X years... and
if so, can you solve for X?   What is the useful life of this
type of coax?

Do I have the right stuff for this application?  If not... why not and
what should I use?

Thank you .    ==========  James - K8JHR  ==========


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