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Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45G Self Supporting and bracketed

Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Rohn 45G Self Supporting and bracketed
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2008 11:33:11 EST
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In a message dated 11/4/2008 1:08:00 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> 10 Feet - 55 Sq Feet
> 20 Feet - 25 Sq Feet
> 30 Feet  - 9 Sq Feet
> 35 Feet - 4.7 sq Feet
> This is based on the  70 MPH Winds.
> To find this chart, go to
>  Click on On Line Catalog (Bottom Left of the Menu Bar)
> GT Series (Top  Right)
> 25 G (Again, Top Right)
> Then Allowable Antenna  Areas

        I followed the above  instructions and couldn't find the Allowable 
Antenna Areas anywhere. :-(
        OTOH I do have a Rohn  brochure entitled "Manufacturer's Technical 
Information for Bracketed or Self  Supporting Towers". I don't know the date of 
it so I don't know what rev of  the TIA-222 it's based on. This is what it 
says for 70 MPH:
10 feet - 42.5 sq.ft. 
20 feet - 22.0 sq.ft.
30 feet - 12.0 sq.ft.
35 feet - 8.7 sq.ft.
40 feet - 5.1 sq.ft.
45 feet - 2.3 sq.ft. 
        I'm not sure how to  reconcile the different specs but if you're 
going to err, err on the side of  being conservative engineering-wise. 
        For the record there is  another base spec for a self-supporter that 
is kind of hard to find too. 
        For the guy who wanted to  go 45 or so feet above a housebracket with 
45G @ 70 MPH, the same pamphlet  says 
14 feet above the housebracket is 31.0 sq.ft. 
24 feet above the housebracket is 13.8 sq.ft.
34 feet above the housebracket is 5.5 sq.ft. 
Steve     K7LXC

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