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Subject: [TowerTalk] self support guying
From: "Skip K3CC" <>
Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2008 09:03:33 -0500
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with all do respect to my fellow members,  I was under the impression that 
there are 2 forces that act on a tower.  Well they are the main forces 
Compression and rotation.

With that said, I believe that the self support has the compression strength 
built into the tower legs and body.  By adding guys you are now increasing 
the downward force, compression, and that may increase metal failure from 
the rotational forces on or near the center.

Next is the boom length of the antenna.  This will create the rotational 

If the reason to guy the tower is to increase the size , length, of boom 
guying will not help in my opinion.

The fact that a guyed tower can be straight and pinned with a tapered base 
proves that the rotational force is taken up by the guys as the tower 
rotates freely on the pinned base.

On the other hand I have seen more towers with a solid base plate fail due 
to improper guy tension  Again they tend to fail at the point of the most 
rotational force on the tower and bend.

I have used Rohn HBX towers  and installed many with short boom antennas and 
never had one fail.  Only upon overloading with a 25 ft boom and high winds 
did one fail.

Somewhere, I guess I missed the question why would you want to guy a self 
support tower ???

de Skip   K3CC 


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